What We Do

Centralized Monitoring

Creating a secure infrastructure that factors in video, computer activity, and other employee actions and behaviour. Device security is initiated for laptops and desktops through UEM solutions.

Intuitive Dashboard Surveillance

Operating in a highly regulated industry that requires a high level of data security, several financial-services firms, BPO, and Legal companies are initiating virtualized desktop projects for office workforce and virtual workspace projects for remote users.

Real-time Employee Profiling & Assessment

Enterprises cannot afford business disruptions due to office infrastructure unavailability which significantly drops employee productivity. Each employee's system is tracked and the machine produces a consolidated report of work status and productivity.

Al-led threat detection to avoid data leaks

Through intuitive desktop video surveillance, the organization is able to achieve an eagles-eye view of the entire place from where the employee is operating.
Phone Detection . Stranger Detection . Writing Detection . Sensitive Document on Screen . Screenshot taken

Employee Friendly Environment

In a highly aggressive, target-led job profile, it's mandatory for the organizations to give a little flexibility to the workforce. Proktor provides the employee with a monitored environment that gives them the peace of mind that they can continue to work from home, keep themselves safe and productive, and still adhere to the organization's security standards.

FaceReko Attendance Management

The prevailing COVID-19 has urged companies to prohibit the use of biometric attendance systems as they could be considered as critical transmitters of virus/bacteria. Face Attendance System not only facilitates touchless entry/exit into

Security Compliance

Since Proktor’s AI based surveillance system captures the potential violations of the security rules, it automatically takes remedial actions without human intervention.

Extensive auditing and record keeping allows forensic investigations of security incidents.