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Insurance is the industry that is rapidly evolving from the monopolies that existed globally for a large part. Now, customer success and digital is part of the repertoire of every Insurance P/L owner. Today, the touchpoints with the customer are crucial, and while employees have access to their policy data, a detailed view of individual employees with key indicators is the need of the hour. Be-sides, with a lot of digital health progress, there is the health data of the customers which is available to the in-surance back-office staff.

Hence it is crucial to secure the complete data of the users by building the necessary security levels both in the physi-cal back office as well with the remote working staff.


Some global banks already have sophisticated connectivity and IT sys tems in place that enable a huge workforce to operate remotely when needed. But with the demand for increasing the number of staff at all levels needing remote access, we are now seeing the BYOD (bring your own device) protocols coming into existence.

For banks, moving so rapidly to a remote workforce, it's imperative to secure data by multiple layers of security built into company systems. It's called 'Securing the unseen worker' by owning a Virtual Secure Workspace.

Health Care

Global and regional health care companies deal with critical patient data. Disease data, Medication, and Condition data should be stored in HIPPA compliant systems and processes or the equivalent globally. There is tremendous legal liability on the part of the provider if any data gets leaked and will result in serious litigation. A lot of large and mid-sized healthcare companies are outsourcing their RCM (Revenue cycle management) and other functions that are non-core to their business.

Consequently in healthcare, there is an urgent need to have absolute protection and security. Total secure environments need to be a must at the healthcare providers BPO as well as any vendors that provide remote services.


Legal companies often use paralegal and other documentation services who are not main of the respective firms or act exclusive vendors. There is a lot of documentation, person• information and litigation related information to the LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing),

A complete surveillance system needs to be present at the ious vendor sites as also at the back office of the firm to protect the assets.


Companies in the Pharmaceutical space similar to Healthcare deal with a lot of proprietary data. Patient data, dosage, pattern of treatment, condition, etc. All of this information has to be kept secure from customer support reps who man the support lines. There is tremendous legal liability on the part of the provider if any data gets leaked and will result in serious litigation.

So a total secure environment that gives the pharmaceutical company complete knowledge about access of data by their customer facing employees is super critical.


The data in high tech industries about customers, their business process and demands are to be kept in highly secure servers and the entire customer workflow is to be kept secure. The current pandemic situation has made a lot of support services virtual and its important to create a Virtual Secure Workspace

Internet & Ecommerce

Internet and Ecommerce firms deal with sensitive user information, billing details as well as credit card details. Their customer service or customer success departments are often quite large to help the customer handle multiple processes. Level of personalization results in all agents having access to the customer data. It's necessary to secure data by multiple layers of security built into company systems.


The traditional approaches of machine management are lengthy and extravagant. Machines sound an alarm when they fail following which the technicians are called in to diagnose and troubleshoot. New parts are ordered and the repair is carried out.

New-age remote monitoring has improved remote surveillance by making the process more predictable and efficient. While reducing costs of operations, the smart AI-enabled software and devices maximize machine uptime, reduces service calls and accurately predicts machine or part failure.

Travel & Hospitality

In the airline business and hotels, capturing the experience data via the existing surveillance infrastructure and linking it via artificial intelligence to government agencies and private risk prevention firms would create a digital sphere designed to minimize risk through pre-emptive screening and decision-making.

Sprawling global infrastructure of cameras, sensors and readers is watching over billions of us on any given day, in any given moment. Hotels and boutique recreational spaces now can adopt remote or touchless check-ins via app-based technology allowing hotels to have access to the guests’ details. App-based technology can also help hotels to keep a track of their guests’ health and at the same time allow the guests to check when the premise was cleaned.