Covid Ready Surveillance

Procktor - Making Work From Home The New Normal

Centuries back, when the bubonic plague swept through Europe, people in larger cities were told to stay home for a month. Times were such that only an individual from an infected household could venture outside to grab supplies. The situation is synonymous to the 2019 COVID outbreak.

In the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, the advice is the same - Stay home and avoid physical contact.

Corporate Surveillance For Work From Home Workforce

After the ease of lockdown across the globe, thousands of companies adapted to the use of monitoring software to record employees' Web browsing and active work hours. In short, tracking their productivity to ensure work happens despite the remote access. Procktor Al offers Virtual Secure Workspaces.

  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Intuitive Dashboard Surveillance
  • Real-time Employee Profiling & Assessment
  • Al-led threat detection to avoid data leaks
  • Employee Health Monitoring via thermal cameras
  • FaceReko Attendance Management
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The technology has extraordinary potential today. The governments in first world countries are mapping out the movement of the entire population of different cities. They use drones that fly above city parks and blast out warnings when unlawful acts are suspected.
Our Fair Surveillance Software-
Monitoring when working remotely

What we're simply doing is monitoring keystrokes, email, file transfers, applications used,and tracking the time the employee gives to each task. We help the management know what is on the employee's screen. This moderate monitoring is highly recommended for brands that work on guarded data.

What's More (Employee benefit)

Besides keeping company employees in line with their productivity, our technology tracks the overall employee health too.

Use of ________ to monitor the health of workers takes us one step ahead of the competition in our space. Developing a facial-recognition feature that could display a worker's real-world emotion is work of genius

`I don't believe body temperature is a piece of private information anymore,' said the CEO of one company that manufactures a system that scans crowds.